Two UA guys in the dunk contest finals! Who’d have thunk it?!

My reviews aren’t beauty pageants but if they were, the Spawn 3 might get Miss Congeniality

UA is trying to bring back the Anatomix spawn “franchise”(you know all two models) with the Anatomix Spawn Low. Keep in mind that when the Spawn first came out it was basically Steph’s first shoe so it looked special and had a ton of tech marketing packed in it. Now that Steph has moved onto his 6th shoe (technically 7 with the Curry 2.5 and if want to throw in the 3zero’s, technically 9) UA might say it has similarities to the original words are just words when it comes to sneaker marketing. Here is my review for the original

The real question is, how’s the shoe play? Well minus a few unnecessary holes (that’s what she said) and bubbles, I’m pleased to say it’s great, way better than the Curry 5 and 6. Sorry the Curry 2 is still the best of the bunch.

Pros: TRACTION, cushioning, overall fit, stability, containment

Cons: lots of deadspace bubbles on the top of the foot, bulbous

Sizing Advice: true to size for everyone. Half a size down if. you want an even tighter fit.

Buying Advice: wait, looks sell


15 ounces or one ounce heavier than the original low. A little heavier than average for a low


Kobe IX anyone ?

Definitely the highlight of the shoe. Coverage in all directions, soft pliable rubber with thin multi depth blades

You can see the variable depths on this pattern. This allows half the traction pattern to grab some dust while the other pattern rests. Very similar idea to the Rose 7

Coming off playing with the Tmac which was no slouch, this was a breath of fresh air. Start and stop on a dime with no need to wipe? it’s like I had coffee, kale and yogurt for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not recommend for outdoor use. These are already getting chewed up playing indoors only. But boy does does bite.

Traction was the one aspect that I was never thrilled about with the OG spawn so I’m beyond pleased with these. Oh andno tearing or ripping of the outsole, well done UA you’re learning ! (Go on and you’ll see real reviews and experiences from actual customers, yes Curry 6 outsole splitting is real despite the UA defenders)

Well done UA!


Micro G is back and I have no complaints about this set up at all. Micro G firmness changes shoe to shoe but these are what I consider slightly firmer than stock Micro G. I used to love my CFD but when the Curry 2 came out I realized how soft Micro G could get. This iteration is a good blend of court feel, impact protection and bounce.

This little cut out makes transition a little bit smooth a little bit faster

This is what I expected out of HOVR with the Curry 6 but as they always say out with the old and in with the new and back in with the old which is cheaper and better feeling than the new but let’s keep trying to sell the new.

bottom: Ultra thin ortholite insole top: Micro G from the OG

Overall, these feel pretty similar to the original without the big heel to toe drop. But why the bulky looking carrier UA? Looks sell UA. I feel like the Spawn are Duplo inspired. Maybe it’s just Normcore2018 looks 🤷🏻‍♂️


That first eyelet doesn’t have to be used. It allows a little more customization but not really necessary for me. Really thought about adding more holes but decided against it..for now.

I went true to size and I think most everyone can go true to size comfortably.

No major fit issues out of the box but it did take a little time to warm up and conform to my foot. No movement side to side and almost zero heel slip out of the box which was a pleasant surprise considering my experience with the Curry 6.

If you hate deadspace bubbles, Birdbox it. If you like champagne and bubbly though enjoy.

Lacing “innovation”

UA really went all in with lacing innovation eh? The star of this show is that UA attached the first eyelet to the footstay/raised midsole to give additional customization for the player. Sure you can tie it down tighter if you want but most shoes don’t have this much deadspace in the toe.

I’m not a stickler for deadspace but if you were wondering whats up with the bulbous look, well there you go. UA also utilized the double eyelet to lock the lace tension while it works, I found it unnecessary and chose to lace it traditionally with the few eyelet available. I got a more comfortable fit and a much less bunched up look.

I am a flat footer and when laced to my foot, this shoe is extra sloppy looking on the top. Once again UA is going for that lacing minimalist look when it didn’t have to. At least the laces don’t slip loose like the Curry 6 and they eliminated almost all lace pressure thanks to more padding in the shoe especially the tongue.

Fit and precision was a big selling point in the original Spawn and while the fit on the Spawn 3 is good and adaptable for different types of feet, it really isn’t the same as the OG. Even after a whopping five years the fit on the og low is far more precise than the Spawn 3; no heel slip out of the box, zero deadspace. This version is very bloated with padding and deadspace and uses the laces to lock the foot down. I don’t think my shoe should look like bubble wrap when I lace it it up but at least it fits well. Precise fit, the Spawn 3 is not but it is adaptive enough to fit different feet unlike the Curry 6.


Top right: Fuse has started to separate slightly no biggie though

The language on the Spawn is the same as the original but like the jump from the one to the two, UA materials don’t look so hot..but they do get hot since it envelopes 3/4 of the shoe. This version of the Spawn is far more plush and layered. The only place for heat to escape is the toe box.

Materials are whatever to me but the original looks and feels far more premium. UA thinned and thickened the original for support and strength where needed. There was a lot of ripping of the thin mesh areas on the OG thus UA went with that full TPU coat on the Spawn 2.

eBay pic

This version is pretty much the same thickness but with TPU/fuse on 2/3 of the shoe. It sounds fancy based on UA’s description but it’s really just fuse and mesh. This feels and looks like a budget shoe.

Support and stability

These are lows so support comes from good heel fit and heel counter

Midfoot support is solid since it has a hidden midfoot shank a bunch of Micro G underfoot

What happened to the anatomically design shank that was part of the shoes namesake ?

Stability is great with a nice flat outsole and wide forefoot. I wish the Kobe IX has been this wide and flat.

I always wished the og was a little more stable in the heel so I’m very pleased with support and stability.


No issues at all. Nice big footstay and a raised albeit ugly midsole. You don’t need to lace that front eyelet unless you want to.


Overall, I think this was a goodish effort by UA to try and revitalize the Anatomix Spawn name five years later. The Spawn name doesn’t mean anything especially when you can’t see the lineage in the shoe; this shoe has nothing on common with the original other than the name. Gone is the precise fit, the “anatomical design”, the strategic placement of thinner out mesh and fuse of the original. This is just a generic shoe with some TPU layering. However, marketing BS aside, it performs very well all around with excellent traction and a pretty good fit if you ignore the bubbles. I would take this over the Curry 6 to actually play but this is not what I’d call a good looking shoe. Looks and brand sell more than performance, simple as that. A dunk contestant or two will help as long as the viewers didn’t fall asleep. Juno over Shaq, Elbow in the Rim dunk was great btw.

Some will try and sell you in the fact that is $110 and a bargain but guess what, everything from 2018 is under or way under that price point already including a bunch of my top performers from 2018. Hell you can even get MVP sigs for under that price. Is twenty bucks a big enough price difference to sway a consumer to buy the Spawn versus the Curry ? I can almost guarantee that the Lebron Soldier selling for under $90 would be enough to dissuade someone buying the Spawn. Or an MVP candidate named Paul George sporting a shoe with his name and a swoosh for the exact same price. Think UA, think!

Aside from marketing and pricing, I think the Spawn is great on the court and will be really budget friendly when they hit sales racks.

Well done UA, first team rating!

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