*I’ve been back and forth about posting this but I thought it would and interesting topic to discuss since shoes are getting a bit repetitive. Don’t worry Hovr Havoc and 3zero 2 are on deck*

I posted some thoughts on IG about the ad and Nike’s endorsement of Kaepernick. I personally think the ad is succinct and fantastic but at the same time I know Nike thought long and hard about dollars and cents before deciding on this. Nike isn’t dumb and knows that for every customer they “lose” they will be gaining new customers while gaining more loyalty from existing customers since this goes beyond the world of sports. I also believe that when other companies started talking about Kaepernick, this made Nike’s decision a little easier.

What are your thoughts on this? There is no wrong answer but I want everyone to be respectful of each other’s thoughts and reasoning. If everyone thought the same way we might as well robots.

I will delete comments if I feel they are inappropriate.

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