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So I picked these up last week have been playing in them since last Thursday. I might put them through the ringer in a tourney this weekend but I’ve got to see how good the floor is (or how bad the comp is)


17 18.5 ounces. If you like lightweight well sorry. I wrote down the wrong number earlier.


Flat surface, sticky rubber, no flex. This has translated into slip and slide on dusty floors.. It stops and grabs wonderfully when clean or humid though. It grabs better than the V1 but it also picks up more dust. Fingers crossed it gets better.


More Boost! I really like how this is implemented. More Boost without instability. The set up feels pretty dense but still smooth. Your foot actually sits a few millimeters below the exterior line. It feels more dense than the CLB16, Crazy Explosive and Harden V1 during play so far and I think that’s by design. More time in these and I’ll have a better assessment.

Oh and like the McRib, the cloth strobel is back.


Regular and narrow half a size down. Wide footers true to size. Not quite as long as the V1 but still long in the toe box.


I think these fit differently than the V1. More padding and cushioning on the inside just let it hug the foot a little better but I still have a teeny tiny bit of heel slip.

If my foot could sit 2 mm lower I’d be set with zero slip. Once again more time may help.

I tried playing around with the lacing system and aside from the last eyelets, moving them around did nothing. Lacing the last eyelet with the “lower” set gave me some crazy lace pressure pain but I’m still experimenting.

Speaking of pain watch out for the Harden Logo it is pointy and sharp.

It’s probably how I tie laces but I jabbed the logo under my fingernail twice while lacing up. Forget about drawing fouls, these can draw blood.


This might not be called Primeknit but it feels and looks premium. Just the right balance of flexibility and strength. No pinching or popping.

Support and stability

Very good so far..The rear outsole/external heel counter is rock hard. Seriously, there is no bend but it didn’t affect fluidity thanks to how the sole is contoured.

There is also an internal heel counter in the sock so you’re double covered.

Stability is fantastic. The ultra wide outsole feels super stable like I’m sitting in a boat of Boost. These are wider overall than the Dame 4 but not clunky at all.


No issues at all surprisingly. This TPU piece really keeps the flex in check

So far I really like the shoe even though it isn’t perfect but it is really enjoyable as long as I wipe. The very minor heel slip isn’t enough to detract me from wearing them or distract me while playing. I’m going to give it more time to break in and see how if things improve or change. I’m sure other reviews will be out by then but look out for my full review next week. Keep bearding

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