Full review finished. 

Hyperdunk 2017 Review
*Ankle is 85% now so I’m good to go!*

Although camo isn’t my color I couldn’t wait to get these on court.  I got these last night from UPS and hit the court for some quick, definitely not competive games, as well as tonight in my league game. 


14.5 oz in size 11.5 so about average weight  


The court I played on was really clean but these really remind me of the Kobe IX pattern. If you like squeaky, here is your shoe. The rubber is nice and pliable and there are plenty of grooves and contact points. Once I get on dustier floors I’ll get a better idea but I’m very hopeful that Nike did this right. 

I really wanted to see what these felt like underfoot with the new React foam and although I was not blown away after two runs it is a an upgrade from Lunarlon of old. To me, it feels like the Lunarlon in a Lunarglide with a little more bounce and more “tuned” to basketball but nothing like pure Zoom or Boost. Blackfoam but a little firmer and lower would be a good comparison as well.  Regardless of how it feels comparatively, it feels good overall and longer runs will give me a better idea of course. The big knock on Lunarlon is longevity and that is something that I won’t know for months. 


I fit both true to size and half size up but overall these run a touch short so I’d advise you to try true to size and half size up. Wide footers like myself will want to go half size up. No heel slip at all, no movement side to side and very little dead space above the forefoot. The tongue is sewn until the ankle collar so it isn’t difficult to get on. 


If you look closely you can see the TPU strands similar to the Kobe XI which still look like fishing line to me. It isn’t stretchy like Primeknit but it is nice enough to me but then again I’m not a materials snob. There is nylon backing the Flyknit so for you Knit purists, sorry keep looking. 

I doubt pairs other than this Nikelab will use suede in the tongue but this is some nice suede.  

Don’t step on my green suede shoes -Not Elvis

The downside to suede is that it gets hot and the tongue was pretty wet after I played. However Nike put enough ventilation in the tongue 

Support and Stability 

No issues here. The ankle collar is flexible so it’s more for proprioception than support. You can see Nike even cut out a piece to make it more flexible especially when running forward. 

 The heel counter isn’t ultra firm but it works fine. No issues with stability thanks to the contoured outsole


No issues here either. My forefoot sits below the raised midsole wall around the third line from the top so my foot isn’t sliding out of the footbed.


I was excited when I saw the pics and I’m still excited the HD17. Great traction (which As you know I highly value ) and fit so far, nice cushioning and adequate support..we might have a top 10 shoe rotation candidate here folks maybe even a shoe of the year.  Camo is even growing on me yikes. It gets boring year over year when 95% of the shoes fail to impress me so nice job HD! Let me get some more reps in before I call it though. 

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