Hey look it even curls up like a snake. This was not difficult to do at all straight out of the box with the insole inside. Imagine as the insole breaks down more and more. 

I’m almost done with my Mamba Instinct review but I just wanted to share this tidbit first. 

If you are in need of midfoot or torsional support, do not buy the Instinct. I bought the Instinct because I liked how it looked and Nike raised the walls on the insole which is pretty much why I passed on most drop in insole shoes. Well now I have another reason as seen above. 

No injuries to report or anything and I don’t think many people will even notice this issue but if you suffer from plantar fasciitis, this  isn’t the the shoe for you. I was curious how Nike could sell a shoe for $100 and make it almost the same as the $140 Kobe 8 and I guess we know where the cost cutting came. A little shank or a firmer thicker shell would have done the trick. 

Other than the ultra flexibility (which some may like), the rest of the shoe is pretty good. Hope to have the review done this week. 

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