I’m waiting for the Rip City colorway of the Lillard 3 or Dame 3 or whatever you want to call it (it says D Lillard 3 on the box) but I’m sure reviews o’plenty will be coming in the next few days or weeks. 
Randy aka rbthebreakthrough on IG have become email pals over the past two years after he posted my Curry 2 review on his channel. He’s actually going full beast mode training for another league so let’s all wish him the best. As good as I am as a player, professional players in ANY LEAGUE are on a totally different level so it’s fantastic to have a pro’s perspective. Go ahead and make fun of players in the D league or overseas as much as you want, they can straight up crush 99% of the players out there. Not to mention bigger, faster, and stronger, just look at Randy ..

And if you’ve never checked out or subscribed to his channel, you really should because you might learn something that makes you a better player although it’s been a few years since he posted a skills videos. 

Randy was looking for a shoe that performed well in all aspects but remained flexible with a balanced cushioning set up. I even pointed him toward the D Rose 7 that he mentions in the video but he wanted more range of motion after he got them. I’m glad he found a pair that works well for him and his game. I’m excited for these because it sounds like traction has improved, cushioning is similar or better, and everything else is the same or better as well. Thanks for the video and letting me share Randy!

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