I usually don’t do this but so far I’m not super stoked about the Harden Vol 1. This review is going to taking longer than normal because there are a few issues that I hope break in time helps eliminate.  I plan to use them in a tourney this weekend to get more feedback (only if the opposing team isn’t that good though lol)

I’ve been playing in them for the past five days and if you have flat feet like me, you may find the Harden uncomfortable and tiring out of the box. I have tried orthodics before and my feet ached liked crazy every time I used them. My doctor suggested to just stop using them because some people just can’t wear orthotics comfortably and that happens to be me. The odd thing is that there isn’t a lot ton of arch support in the Harden but it’s just enough to make me want to take the shoes off after ten minutes. I’m hoping that this feeling goes away as the plastic shank breaks in. 


17 ounces…for a low. I usually don’t care about the weight but these feel heavy especially coming off the Rare Metals which are almost 5 ounces lighter. 


Clean floors, these work fine but whenever dust was around, it needs wiping. A lot of wiping. I swapped these out after my feet tired with the Rare Metals on the same day same court and surprisingly, the Rare Metals stuck much better than the Hardens. Maybe traction needs break in so we will see. 


These play lower and more firm than the Crazylight Boost 2016. They don’t have the distinct slope from heel to toe like the Rose 7 and Crazy Explosive either. It feels like they just shaved a little off the CLB cushioning to make it ride lower and thus more firm. I don’t bottom out in these like I did in the Crazy Explosive either. 


Although these fit better out of the box than the Crazylight Boost 2016, there is some heel slip in my normal size 11. I bought a 10.5 in the Pioneer colorway and it helped improve heel lockdown a lot but they are too narrow for my wide feet. Heel slip in the size 11 has improved the last few days so I’m hoping the trend continues. And no, I haven’t figured a place to add extra holes due to the dual hole lace set up. 

Speaking of which, the laces suck. Thin and waxy, they hurt to pull tight and come undone even after double knotting. You have to pull tightly to get a good fit. 


No difference performance wise between the Primeknit and regular. Both are backed by the same synthetic so the only difference is the texture on the outside of the shoe. 

I do like the leather on this toe box though

Support and Stability 

Best part of the shoe. No issues here


No issues here. 

Crazylight or Harden

I know a lot of people are debating this.

Cushioning, traction (so far) and overall out of the box comfort goes to Crazylight easily. I didn’t notice the 16 oz of the CLB which is weird since the Harden is only one ounce more. 

Fit is better out of the box with the Harden but not by much. I’d also take its stability over the CLB since it sits lower. 

Price: well CLBs are on sale now for a lot less than Hardens so duh 

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