While Wall Street and shoe media outlets continue to report how Curry is outselling Lebron, Kobe, Kyrie and KD, can Curry carry UA by himself ?

Source: Complex

I don’t know how UA could have had a better year than 2015. Cam, Spieth , Brady, Bryce and Curry ? And in 2016, tennis player  Andy Murray has a resurrection and wins Wimbledon and the Olympics?  Big props to UA’a talent scouting department! 

By the way, anyone want to see Andy Murray’s first protype? Looks familiar doesn’t it? Clutchfit on clay sounds like a recipe for hot ass feet and blisters.  His newer prototype looks like an Adidas Barricade with Clutchfit 

I stated last summer that the Frankenshoes UA was putting out would hit outlets and sales prices as well as the CFD2 and sure enough I was right

Curry does have a halo effect on UA basketball but its reach isn’t strong enough to save pedestrian design and don’t even get me started on their basketball apparel. If UA wants to sell more basketball appeal, clean up the look and quit making these clothes that have Ross and Marshalls written all over it. 

You’re an athletic apparel company first and foremost so please at least play the part!
   I’d really like to see a breakdown of all of UA basketball sales because I’m pretty sure it’s 160 million of Curry and then about 30-40 million for the rest. Way too unbalanced and way too Iverson and Reebok esque. How’s Reebok basketball doing these days?

   I know UA is trying but they really need to diversify their portfolio if they want to build a long term basketball brand. Even Adidas understands now that the signature athlete model is the way to go in building a basketball brand. 

Here are some things I think they should do in the meantime:

First off, get rid of the Frankenshoes and the mid season shoes. The only shoes from last summer that were interesting to me were the Highlight 2 and the Torch 4.

I mean I don’t even know what these are as there was zero media news. I just saw them at a local sports store and online. Why rehash and re-ugly a shoe that didn’t sell in the first place?

Rehashed Clutchfit Drive 2 at $109

As well as another rehashed or reuglied CFD2 variant 

But now under the Torch name

Rehashed Torch 4 at $85

Why on earth would I buy these watered down models when the CFD2 and Torch 4 are available for even less ? Granted most consumers aren’t as edshoecated as the rest of us but still…
   Too many models creates confusion and could be better spent on better design. It’s like going to Cheesecake Factory where the menu is ten pages when two would have sufficed. By shortening the roster of shoes, UA could improve the quality of the product as well as manufacturing (glue stains don’t bother me that much but I’d rather not see any). They’d also improve their economy of scale, meaning they could make more of the same product for a lower cost per product since they are making more of that product.. man that’s wordy. Just Google economies of scale..

Another problem for UA is their prices are too close together. The Curry 2 retailed at $130 while the CFD 2 was a mere five bucks less at $125. Not to mention the Fireshot at $119. I didn’t even both trying those after reading Jake and Duke’s reviews by the way. 

As Curry prices go up, the team models might become more appealing but they really have to figure out some new designs to even get the attention of consumers. 

And the Curry Lux ? UA is trying to give itself some street cred and be fashionable but you just can’t give yourself that title. Full size runs pretty much everywhere 

Pretty dumb idea in my opinion as the market will figure itself out. Only people buying those are ultra fanatics which doesn’t include me somehow. 

I hope UA reads this or is currently in the process of changing their product line up for the sake of consumers and their bottom line. I’d hate to see its potential wasted during Curry’s huge surge in popularity. Maybe GSw losing the 2016 Finals might make UA realize how reliant they are on Steph to sell shoes ? It may come from below as UA says but it starts from the top with UA management.

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