Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit is done 

Hyperdunk Flyknit Review

Rose 7 will be done soon

Geezus, there are so many shoes coming out these next few weeks but here is a rundown of what’s coming. I’m going to be a little behind due to a business trip but I’ll catch up as soon as I can because I’m excited about these coming releases. 

Nike Hyperdunk Elite 2016 Flyknit

Picked them off of Eastbay for under retail. Not similar at all to the regular HD so that’s why I decided to check them out. Already started playing in these…

Adidas Crazy Explosive

I was on the fence but considering how close the CLB16 was to perfection.. 

Adidas D Rose 7

These should be freaking awesome. Already ordered off Finishline (I still hate Finishline)

Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3

How can I not review these ? Looks similar to the first Clutchfit and should have a lot more Clutchfit than the CFD2. Coming to me at the end of the week ( on UA.com now )

Jordan XXX1

I’ve complained about the lack of heel Zoom with the past two AJ’s while others have said “don’t really need Zoom in the heel”… Well now it’s back as a full length unit. I think these will be pretty awesome. 

I’ll sprinkle in some “archive” reviews the next few weeks that I never published or finished as well.

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