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Adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 Review

I was bored and went to the mall to see if anything interesting was out or on sale and low and behold, these were out at Finishline. So thank you Finishline, I hate your guts as a company but thanks for breaking the rules and selling these two weeks early. Full review will be out hopefully late next week to help those who can’t try on. 

Sizing: I bought my normal 11 and 10.5 so I’m trying to decide which to go with which has been an issue with Adidas for me since  can go either way. I am leaning towards my TTS 11 even though there is a little extra length. Sizing is similar to Lillard 2, Rose 6 so get what you got in those is my opinion. 

Not so light anymore and actually pretty chunky for a low. Not a big deal to me though


Should be awesome. Continental rubber just like the Lillard 2 used but with a more traditional beastly looking pattern. So far so great


Boost changes everything and full length Boost obliterates everything.  Feels and looks like more Boost in the forefoot than the Rose 6. Speaking of D Rose, I hope he plays great as Knick. You try coming back from knee surgery when speed and shiftiness is your strength and let me know how it goes. 


This is the jacquard upper and feels great. Very similar feel to the Lillard 2 upper. Very soft and conforming with no weird flex points or hotspots. 

Strands of TPU for high wear areas. Not sure how long it will last indoors and definitely won’t last outdoors. 


No longer a minimal shoe, the CLB16 is padded well. Not Rose 6 padded but just right. The tongue is padded just right so no lace pressure. Cat’s tongue is back but not as “sticky” as in the Rose 6

*added pic 6/27. There is a full length sleeve so the lace straps don’t rub*


The “roll cage” . Finally a company willing to fix the main problem I have with wovens and knits. Thank you Adidas! 

Support and stability

Feels good so far as I see no major issues or tippiness

I’m digging the assymetrical heel counter. 

The shank is one of the keys to keeping the Boost stable 

I’ve only had one workout session in these but I have high hopes thus far. I hope to get a review done before the July 2 release date!

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