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 KD 9 Performance Review

Well, well, well

KD finally got some respect and the kicks to go with it

I got these early off eBay for retail because I was so curious about the shoe that basically killed the KD 8 before it even stopped its sales cycle (nice job Nike). Just wanted to share my initial thoughts on these. And no, they don’t look like the Lillard 2

Other upcoming reviews: Way of Wade 4, and Curry 2.5 


I went true to size with my normal 11 and I think think the run about the same length as the Rose 6 so I could probably go down half a size as well. Width wise these are perfect for me.


I only shot around and ran drills in these tonight and these worked well overall. The rubber is super soft and pliable and sticks like glue. However it picked up a lot of dust and required some wiping while the Curry Two (my standard) didn’t need any. We will see if it gets any better after break in. 


If you read my Lebron X Review, you read all the issues I had with the 360 Zoom. 

This time it feels like the fixed them all. 

These sit a lower than the Lebron X and actually feel a little softer (no pillars like the X and a thinner midsole). They feel a lot like Ultra Boosts to me so less Zoom feeling than the Lebron X. I’m really liking the feel thus far. 

Fully articulated forefoot.

No major break in necessary although I felt a little heel slip. They improved a lot after shooting around so I expect them to improved a lot more. The Achilles is cut very high and the foam where is where it should be (unlike the Curry Two Low)

No bunchiness or weird folding on this one piece upper. Very nicely done.

Flyknit all the way around. Nike did it right this time. The back of the Flyknit is nylon so that adds another comfortable layer to the shoe without adding stiffness. 

Support and stability:

Support is minimal. Heel counter is on the soft side.

Heel is very stable and the tippiness I had with the Lebron X is gone. The simplicity of the heel is so simple that I wonder why it didn’t happen earlier.


Haven’t played in them yet but if they carried over the KD 8 containment, I’ll be happy. But given my Issues with knit and woven uppers we will have to see. 

I’m super excited about these. Worst case scenario I end up with one super comfy shoe. 

I may put these in play over the weekend during Chinese Nationals, so if you see the shoes, stop by and say hi!

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