Some things are good sloppy. Heel slip is not one of them.
Given my extensive time with the Curry Two Mid, I don’t have much to go over with the low version. When I compare a mid and a low, I don’t expect much of a change but the first thing I look for is heel slip. And unfortunately these didn’t work too well for me

Pros: traction, forefoot to midfoot fit, stability, containment, soft comfy upper

Cons: heel slip 

Best for: Curry lovers (not the food)

Sizing: true to size, you can go half size up as well 



13 oz or one ounce less than the mids. 



 Same as the Mid.. Just awesome . Please don’t get away from this pattern and rubber UA


On paper they appear the same but like the Curry One Mid to Low, the Curry 2 Low feels a touch softer underfoot. Why UA does this is beyond me but I like the way the low cushioning feels more than mid. It isn’t super noticeable unless you switch back and forth like I did.

I bought an 11.5 (half size up) since I had to do that with the Curry One Low but my foot was slipping like crazy so I went back to the 11 and the fit was much better.

However, I still encountered some serious heel slip despite trying to break them in for a few weeks. Think Lillard 1 slippage. The main reason for the slippage is the placement of the cushion behind the Achilles. In the mid, the contour begins above the external heel clip.

With the low, the contour is too low and starts at the middle of the heel clip and is closer to the bottom of the foot rather than the Achilles like the mid.


The Speedform is also too flimsy to add any support. 

This portion of the shoe should have been made thicker and stiffer. These are more like runners than basketball shoes. You can see and feel a big difference between the One and Two low below:

Below: this is where the heel pillow starts
Obviously, not everyone’s ankle and foot shape is like mine so results will very but for me, these didn’t lock my heel in well.

Aside from the heel slippage the rest of the shoe fit like a glove. UA took away the synthetic and went with Speedform heel to toe. 

Very comfortable stuff that didn’t require any break in time. UA even thickened the tongue a bit for more comfort 


Overall I liked the material change but the sloppy heel fit killed it for me. 
Support and stability 

Same set up as the Mid just a shorter height. Super stable underfoot and the same heel clip. However with so much heel movement I can’t recommend wearing them since a good low should be able to control and contain the ankle and Achilles. 

I’m pleased to say this UA pulled off a comfortable upper while maintaining  the excellent containment of the mid. The upper doesn’t flex of stretch as much as Flyweave or mesh which is a good thing


Add in a little glue/paint for reinforcement along with the raised midsole and you have a recipe for great containment.


I thought UA mighy have created a new low top to take the top spot in my lows rotation but the heel slip just ruined the overall shoe for me. I can deal with a little slippage but these were just designed poorly in the heel. UA could have easily moved the heel cushion higher up or made it a dog bone like on the Curry One Mid..or make it “puffier” like the Curry One Low or Kobes. As much of a traction whore as I am, I’d take the Curry One Low over these due the better overall fit.  The Curry One low is still readily available if you’re stuck on getting a Curry Lowtop.  The Curry Two Mid is still easily my goto so I highly suggest the Mid over the Low. 

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