**I have a lot of unpublished content including a bunch of reviews of basketball shoes from the past few seasons so check back soon. As for my last two reviews, the J Crossover 3 and Kobe XI, I didn’t get quite as much time as I usually take but I think my reviews will still be accurate and fair. I won’t get around to the the AJ XXX until late in the game but I can pretty much bet that if you liked the XX9 you’ll like the XXX based on looks alone. I actually like how they look versus the XX9 but I’m just as disappointed with the lack of innovation in the XXX. 

There are plenty of resources to use. Duke at Weartesters and Jake at Statefarm.. I mean The Gym Rat Review play most similarly to me and write great reviews so you won’t miss out on anything. **
So I went to the doctor for my annual physical and it sucked. Aside from getting groped, I found out I tore a ligament in my wrist as well as the retiniculum in my ankle.
The torn ligament in my wrist is called the scapholunate ligament and it is one of the most commonly torn ligaments.  It attaches the scaphoid and lunate bones in the wrist. With a full ruptured ligament, a gap forms between the two bones. 

I know exactly when I tore it too. About two months ago during the playoffs of one of my leagues I was pushed out of the air and landed on my right wrist but didn’t feel any pain. The next day, my palm, where the thumb attaches, was bruised. At the time I figured I just sprained or bruised it so I laid off the weights for a few weeks. During that time I had a hard time pouring things, or pinching things but it got better with rest. However, after four weeks of rest I still couldn’t bend my wrist to do push ups or bench without pain. I couldn’t throw a proper chest pass with two hands either as the thumb rolls down so I was really throwing one handed passes.

Then during another league I swiped at a ball and I felt a shooting pain in my wrist and it swelled up again and I couldn’t pinch anything again. Again, I thought I aggravated the sprain (stupid I know) and swelling eventually subsided again.

I did my research online and I figured it was either a scaphoid fracture (which doesn’t seem that bad now) or a torn ligament . I started getting scared because as I was reading about wrist surgery, wrist reconstruction,  complications and pins in bones, I freaked out because I’d only had surgery once to fix a broken nose from basketball nonetheless. 

Here is an indepth read on Scapholunate Ligament repair but be forewarned it is long. 

Scapholunate Ligament Repair
My doctor says I should be fine since he could see a nice chunk of ligament in the X-ray. He will reattach the ligament and put two pins in the bone to hold them in place and I’ll be in a cast for 6-8 weeks then rehab. The pins are necessary because the scaphoid and lunate bones rotate and the pins hold them still.  No heavy weights for 4-6 months post surgery so that means lots of legs and abs to me. I can get back on the court after the cast is off but I have to wear a brace during play for a few months which is fine by me. 

The moral of the story is that if you have pain and swelling for more than two weeks, go see a doctor  

  Regarding my torn retiniculum, I know when I did that as well. I went for a  ball and I felt a pop right behind my right ankle bone and knew I did something. Thankfully I didn’t feel the rolled up shades feel of a torn Achilles. Of course being stupid, I kept playing. I read up on it as usual and self diagnosed myself pretty accurately. 

The peroneal retiniculum holds two tendons in place along a groove behind your ankle bone. When it tears, those tendons don’t slide as smoothly and sublex (pop out) of the groove and move over the ankle bone. It’s more an irritation but you can tear those tendons because of it. I had hoped that by resting a few weeks it would scar over and heal but it didn’t. 

Here is more info

Retiniculum Tear
It isn’t a life or death surgery and it is actually common not to get it fixed. My doctors said “you can get it done but it isn’t bad. Your left ankle is just as loose, I suggest running, cycling, golf or swimming and no more basketball” Golf ok I can live with that (I love golf if you guys didn’t know, Steph needs to give me 4 strokes though )but no hoops is not going to work for me. I’ve been playing on the ankle for 6 or 7 months and it doesn’t really bother me but I did lose half a step so I’m still deciding if it’s worth fixing. I’m leaning towards fixing it since I’m getting wrist surgery anyways and I’ll be at my deductible at that point . Can’t beat two surgeries for the price of one. Or I can move to Canada.

Please don’t feel sorry for me, it’s not life or death.  Even while wearing a cast I’ll still make my way out onto the court to work out and shoot. And writing will help make the recovery time fly by. 

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