And rightfully so  

MVP if you can’t read that. I’ll have the post pics of the rest of my Curry/PE collection.

People said it was going to be a close race between Curry and Harden but it wasn’t at all.

The argument that Harden carried his team is a good one but seeds 2-6 were essentially the same record so really he carried the team from 8th to 6th.  He made a very average team very good.

On the other hand, Gsw won the West by 11 games.. 11 games !!! That’s not even close. Curry took Gsw from being a very good team to an exceptional team on both ends of the floor.  You can’t forget that Curry on/off the floor differential is 16 pts while Harden was 10 or so.  In my experience it, it is much harder to go from good to exceptional than to go from average to great. If you look at any sport, look how easy it is to go from high school to college versus going from college to the pros or even all star level.  Same thing applies to the NBA.

I’ve had my eye on Curry since the Davidson days and it’s been fun watching him grow into the player he is today. Harden will get his MVP within the next three years as he learns that he doesn’t have to dominate the ball, play defense better and trust his teammates more but in the meantime, enjoy watching Curry lead his team to the title. 

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