A fantastic playoff showing by Dame is what really made the Dame 5 special. After Dame hit that swagtastic 30 footer in PG’s face to send the Thunder home, hits on my site for the Dame 5 went through the roof. We’ll have to wait until next May to see if the Dame 6..well if they make the playoffs that is. (I’m 90% sure they get in). Enough about the Blazers, are Dame’s new shoes any good? Maybe that explains their record..I kid I kid. #itainttheshoes

Pros: traction on clean floors or freshly wiped, cushioning, fit, containment
Cons: very tippy especially in the heel which is a deal breaker for me 
Best for: guards 
Sizing advice: truish to size maybe half a size down for regular or narrow footers. Best to try them on if you can.
Buying advice: err, I got them for $80 something on launch day. Nuff said


“Lightest Air Jordan ever, lightest Harden ever”. Well if the previous models were all chunker it isn’t that tough to get lighter. . The Dame 6 at 13.5 ounces is actually lightweight compared to most shoes these days. Most shoes these days fall in the 14.5 to 16 ounce range. The Kobe V and VI were under 11 ounces. Weight isn’t a big deal to me but at least you have a reference.

Very similar to the Dame 5 overall with a split between solid and translucent. This set up is not the best ever but it is more than adequate on all surfaces. It does pick up more dust than the best of the best so be prepared to wipe. Overall it is good enough but if you’re a traction ho like me, you’ll want to look elsewhere. I also felt the Dame 5 did a better job overall than the 6.


Lightstrike is showing up on more and more bball models as we watch Boost get allocated elsewhere. I like Lightstrike so far but this being my third pair of shoes with Lightstrike, I can tell that it does not have nearly the lifespan that Boost has . There is plenty of spring and cushioning out of the box but I can already feel some deadening of the foam versus a fresh pair like the Harden V4 I picked up for $80 as well. The more experience with Lightstrike I have, the more it feels like fresh Lunarlon to me which is goodish since it is comfortable but bad because we know how long Lunarlon lasts. As I’ve said before if you don’t like the looks of creases this is not for you. These crease easily and quickly.
Same insole as the Harden V4
By comparison, the Dame 5 used Bounce and while Bounce feels good overall, it feels a lot more dense and ironically less “Bouncy” than Lightstrike. However it retains its signature feel much longer than Lightstrike so it’s really up to the consumer and their needs.
Overall I enjoy playing in Lightstrike but durability is a concern. But all that being said, if you’re worried about keeping the spring in your step, buy one for now and buy one later when they go on serious discounts. Back to school Black Friday and Pre Xmas sales are prime time deal ops if you didn’t read my Pricing 101 guide.
Trueish to size! Way to go Adidas ! Baby steps!
1.25 finger width at the toe box and no heel slip out of the box thanks to a higher cut and a nice plush ankle collar.
Here you can see the ankle collar as well as the standard Foam strobel
The Dame 6 is a very traditional tongue system with only four eyelets. Unlike the CLB16, the Dame 6 top eyelet sits plenty far back to pull the ankle back and down. Great job Adidas…3.5 years later. Guess that leather hole punch really worked out!
No movement side to side out of the box so I’m good with the fit overall.


Mehterials is more like it. 
I’m pretty sure Adidas was going for a performance first/look how performance oriented we are style with the Dame 6 so the shoe basically looks unfinished on purpose. The suede patches look below average to me and the rest of the shoe is just mesh made of different densities. No issues “performance” wise but I’ve always said materials are just about value. So you’re basically getting a $110 shoe worth of materials.
Support and Stability
As a high low support comes from the fit and heel counter which is more than adequate.  Midfoot flex is normal so no Rollie Pollie action like we’ve seen on a lot of newer shoes..stability on the other hand…🤦‍♂️
you can see the contoured and beveled heel of the Dame 6 compared to the 5.
If you follow my IG page, you can see how easily the Dame 6 tips, not only on heel strikes but just standing flat footed it just wants to roll out to the side. I’m not saying it’s unplayable for everyone but for someone like me who can occasionally land on my heel or on someone’s foot, I’d rather play in a more stable shoe. As a refresher, I’ve had two or three third degree sprains in curved outsole shoes so I’d rather just not play in them. I actually tweaked my ankle playing in these even with braces on. Just for reference here are some more comparison shots of the Dame 6 vs the Dame 5 and Harden V4.
You can see the Dame 6 is plenty wide but the curvature really makes the effective width of the outsole much more narrow
Why Adidas decided to change it up, I have no clue but the fix is simple for me…Don’t play in it.
Zero issues here. My foot sits where the Lightstrike meets the Suede. Well done Adidas!
Cheer up Dame 6, you’ll be find a new home soon
Every Dame 1-5 had a flat wide outsole with excellent stability but Adidas decided to change the design on us and give us a narrow rounded heel and midfoot this time around. I know plenty of people will have no issue with this design but unfortunately for me, I am not one of those people.  Other than the outsole design, the rest of the shoe plays very well in every category. Traction could be a little better on dusty floors, but hey, the Moda Center is pretty free of dust.
Should you pay full retail ? By know your should know the answer but for additional proof, I paid 78 bucks on LAUNCH DAY. Paying retail for Adidas or UA and Nike GR’s is just silly; the only shoes “worth” retail are limited edition Jordan retros or collabs. Remember how Adidas discounted the Dame 5 after the shot over PG? I’ve never seen an epic performance like that turn into a discount code prior to this past spring. Of course Adidas did it again with the Harden V4 after he dropped 60 a few weeks ago. Hey Dame and James, keep getting buckets so we can get discounts !bet y’all get can’t 100 like Wilt!!
Discounts for great play from your top athletes? Nike execs must be rolling with laughter.

Once again please don’t let my personal preference dissuade you from purchasing the Dame 6. It’s a good shoe overall but just not for me. What good is a shoe I if I’m rehabbing?

Second Team Rating..it’s almost Christmas I’m feeling generous.

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