Luvmykicks is one of the smaller YouTube channels that I actually subscribe to.  What I like most about his reviews is that he’s straightforward about whether or not he likes a shoe and doesn’t spend ten minutes on highlights (although I do like his game..Luis aka Luvmykicks, played junior college ball as well as some semipro here in the states.)

One review that really caught my eye from LMK was this review. 

Sounds a lot like my experience doesn’t it? We actually have a lot of similar views on kicks although I think I outweigh him by about twenty five pounds. 

So since I’m swamped with work, family and hurricanes, I’m sharing LMK’s review of the KD X to not only put another perspective on the shoe but to also help a good honest reviewer get more recognition for his work. I know the Kd IX was one of his favorites from last year and the KD X is now one of his favorites this year. Enjoy the review and hit the subscribe button! 

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